Marketer & (experience) designer who can code and tell stories...

A digital nomad story

„To be able to write first you have to learn to read” – as the saying goes. To be able to tell stories you have to learn to listen. Being a digital nomad means you go and come around. You can belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time, but definitely, you’ll meet new people and experience unusual things. I’ve chosen to live a life that is nothing but ordinary. Simply because it inspires me, I use this inspiration to help companies and brands to hear the voice of their customers and tell their stories.

I speak computer

Being able to program I can solve complex problems. I use python to analyze data and support decisions. I use HTML & CSS to present ideas without limitations and JavaScript to make things happen. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects to visually engage people. I learn C to understand my asset of work: the computer.

My success path

Experience as many things as possible, being engaged in very different activities makes me multidisciplinary. After choosing the wrong field of studies (really, geography), I managed to shift to business and management. Then I get to know marketing and we fell in love. Programming taught me to think, the design gives me the ability to focus and see the bigger picture. And both make me happy.

Here I am today

In one thing I am persistent. I know the stories I experience will connect the dots in the future. This is why I became an executive manager in my twenties, this is why I am able to develop and execute new ideas. Currently living in Rotterdam, I am looking forward to experiment, fail and develop for more.

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