Opinions may vary but I think as a designer, our job is not only to make whatever the client says but to educate them and help to get the most out of every project. The most important is to leverage on your experience and knowledge and make the greatest thing you can. This is how we can bring value into the process.

Now think about: how many time do you spend to sell? Blecch, I am not in sales - you might say. But the thruth is actually we are all in sales in a broader way. We sell ourselves at job interviews, get our colleagues to make a favour for us, cajoling children or begging our girlfriend not to watch another romantic movie.

Nex thing you’d say: ok, but we don’t sell in a traditional way. And earlier I’d have agreed. But think on this: we make people think differently, accept our point of view or just consider our opinion. We get them to change their behaviour based on our influence.

But isn’t it what we call sales?

To sell is human - says Daniel Pink in his book. And as designers our faith is sale. We are designers because we see things differently. And if we accept that others don’t - by the very nature of biology - and we learn how to make them see what we see than we’ll became a successful designer.