I became extremely excited to see where this story goes so I decided to wait and see what we were going to listen to. And hell yeah nigga’! Here it is!

My neighbour must be a tough guy!

Such a tough ghetto guy, I thought! Not my taste, I’d say. So, I smiled and decided to continue watching my series instead. I opened Netflix on my phone and regained power over my Chromecast. Huh, ok, I’m in control!

It was quite a peculiar experience. I felt someone just came into my living room, uninvited. I saw on the network that there are two Chromecast devices, so it seemed my device got some company. I just figured out how a small mistake is enough to end up on someone’s screen unwillingly. Just accidentally tap a tiny bit above your device’s name and there it is! No hard feelings, though, after five seconds I was watching F. Underwood again.

But some time later the cast stopped again. Now, instead of Google Play, the YouTube logo appeared on the screen. Ok, wow, things are escalating quickly, this story gets more exciting, I thought. Before I could intervene, I ended up watching an episode from the Romanian’s Got Talent! Amazing! Why is that sudden change, huh? Now, I felt whoever is on the other side of the network, we’ve just connected, I felt we knew each other. Maybe he got confused too because he started to surf around a little bit. The next video: Dutch language lessons for kids! Wohoo! Since I’m new to the Dutch language, we just found something common. That’s amazing!

In a real life scenario, this could be the beginning of a new friendship! You find something in common, you connect and engage with each other. Maybe Chromecast just found me a friend?

Let’s see, what I know about this guy so far….

  • His name

  • How he looks like

  • He’s Romanian

  • He learns Dutch

  • He likes gangsta rap

  • He uses Google Music - so he probably owns an Android device

  • He is somewhat sentimental

  • Likes football

After this point I decided to change the name of my Chromecast. Maybe he’s not aware about the situation. So, I carefully picked a new name: “Not your chrome cast.” Unmistakable. Didn’t help… he was desperately trying to watch football. I just unplugged my device and started to continue watching on my laptop instead. Next time I used it I was expecting him (secretly waiting for him), really I was in hope of getting a little company. He didn’t come any more. Our relationship way maybe too one-way for him… I don’t know. I’m looking forward meeting with him in the corridor. I’ll definitely have some topics to talk about.

Key takeaways

So, let’s see what this little incident brought to mankind:

  • Shared or open networks are extremely dangerous, you should pay attention!

  • You can never know how our digital age will bring us together with random people.

  • I was expecting Google to come up with a more sophisticated UX! It didn’t cause me any inconvenience, but can you imagine the scenario when, using a company Wi-Fi network, your project presentation to clients turns into a “Fail army” video? Ouch…

So, UX people at Google! Get to the table and make something useful with that four letter verification code and don’t let strangers cast to my device without actually having that code! It can still keep its simplicity, which I really like, but it will avoid situations like this.