Melo-Diak User Experience

I believe that there is no perfect design at first place. Perfect design is a result of collaboration, feedback and continous development. We learned many things from the first round design and it was time to make the next steps. Melo-Diak is a job listing site for students. The main goal: get more job applicants.

1. Research, tests & feedback

The site was tested for 2 months and a huge amount of data was analised. We put them into context with user review videos.

Project numbers:

  • 92.000 visitors involved in the total sample
  • 30 segmented heatmaps
  • 25 face-to-face user review
  • 1600 HotJar screen recording watched
  • 3 bags of Hopper coffee consumed
  • 200 pages of report with wireframes




2. The challenge

Structure huge amount of information with minimal - or no - interaction to produce the most relevant results. People will apply if they get relevant job recommendations.


Also the application process lacks intuitivity and it is hard to muddle through.


3. The solution

By rethinking the job search flow and the registration flow, users are able to get the most relevant information and a seamless UX towards application.



The result list will also get a fine-tune filter: tests revealed that users are not lazy at all and they are willing to click and filter. Some minor improovements - like make clickable elements look like real buttons - produced alltogether ~30% better results in the tests. The table structure seemed to be a good choice: users can scan all the information they need very quickly.



The registration flow is reduced for only 1 step and in case of logging in or registering the user will not be navigated from the page.



   Bence Husi